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I would be delighted to speak to your PTA/PTO, Mother's Day Out, School, Daycare, or Church Group about psychological well-being topics such as parenting, emotional intelligence, managing stress, and building resilience in children and adults.

 I am a certified Love and Logic facilitator and would enjoy developing a three part workshop for your group covering the basics of Becoming a Love & Logic Parent.

For speaking engagements you may reach me at: please add SPEAKING REQUEST in the subject line.

Please contact me at (405) 340-4321 if you are interested in scheduling a therapy appointment. I do not give advice, or offer therapy online through my email.

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  1. Wow! What a treat it was to run in to you at the new Y on Friday! I enjoyed catching up with you and learning about your blog site which I have really gotten in to, and look forward to for future postings.
    I also wanted to give you a cheer for having the courage to talk to such a large group of young ladies on Sunday. And about relationships! Way to dare greatly! I will be cheering you on silently, and hoping you have a fulfilling response.
    Thanks for being such a beautiful part of my life. Love love love! Patti Gipson