Monday, May 7, 2012

OWFI = Oklahoma Writers (are) Friendly Individuals!

This past weekend was the Oklahoma Writers Federation Incorporated (OWFI) Conference. I am sleep deprived, well over my weight watchers extra points for the week, and unbelievably invigorated.  Although publishing is an intensely competitive business, most Oklahoma area writers are willing mentors to all levels of experience at their conference.

The 2012 conference was full of :
The Inklings at Famous Authors Banquet!
  • Workshops on social media (author Lela Davidson), pitch (agent Stephen Fraser), and platform (author C. Hope Clark) that encouraged but did not overwhelm me.  
  •  Steven James, an award-winning author and storyteller, made us laugh until we cried- and inspired us with his rejection letter collection.
  • Fillet Mignon for Saturday banquet dinner!
  • The Inklings, my beloved critique group, did exceptionally well at Contest!  We were shaking the hallelujah basket all evening (our traditional joyful noise of bells, boas, and tiaras)
  • Reconnecting with SCBWI friends (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) and past OWFI conference buddies.
  • Meeting and networking with new friends from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas.
  • An impromptu "buzz session/celebration" in our hotel room after hours.

  • Appointments with fabulous agents that all went well for our group (will update when we know more!)
  • Looks like I might add "ghost hunting" to my new experiences for nifty fifty adventures, got to know Wayne Harris-Wyrick better and apparently this is one of his many special interests.
 and Special Celebrations
  • Congratulations to Anna Myers for her recent recognition : The Arrell Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to Oklahoma's literary heritage
  • Congratulations to Sonia Gensler (Inkling!) for The Oklahoma Book Award for Young Adult Fiction The Revenant
  • Congratulations to Dee Dee Chumley (Inkling!) for OWFI Young Adult Book of the Year Beyond the Farthest Star

From Friday at 8:30 am through Sunday 10:00 am I was informed, entertained, wined & dined, enlightened, and encouraged.

To me and many others OWFI will always mean Oklahoma Writers (are) Friendly Individuals!


  1. Great summation of the conference, Lisa. I agree that OWFI members are among the most supportive in the writing community. And where would the Inklings be without your penchant for throwing a party wherever you go-the lobby, the elevator...? I'm nominating you for Inklings social chairman!

  2. I second Dee Dee's nomination!!!

  3. All in favor? Done.

    Lisa, you wrote such a lovely synopsis of the conference that I'm just going to link to it.

  4. I do not think the Inklings need a social chairman, we are all very hospitable--Thanks, but no thanksfor the sweet thoughts, being a chairperson is not on my nifty fifty list "but I am very flattered that you thought of me."

  5. I loved having a chance to get caught up with you at the conference, and it was wonderful to meet the incredible Inklings and some of your other friends.

    1. Really enjoyed our visit- it was a terrific weekend. Hope to see you again soon!

  6. Lisa,

    Enjoyed meeting you, and I agree, the conference was well presented and received. OK writers are indeed a friendly lot. They welcomed me warmly.

    Hope Clark