Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Creative First Day of School Ideas

On my first day of Kindergarten my mother snapped a photo of me climbing on the big yellow school bus.  I was wearing the "neatest" knee socks and a jaunty knit hat with mittens, waving goodbye with a smile on my face.  It was probably 80 degrees outside and I might have removed the hat and mittens as soon as I got on the bus . . . but aah the memory captured by that brownie camera! 

Over the years I have been privy to first day of school traditions from my creative client families.  Maybe some of these ideas will inspire you to develop a special plan for back to school:

  • First Day video.  Film the calmer part of the morning while ask questions about what is in the backpack, favorite subjects and friends, etc.
  • Same Place, Different Year Photo.  Pick a landmark around your house to take the first day photo.  Watch how your child grows from year to year and display them as a collection.
  • Time Capsule.  Take the first page of the newspaper along with a simple questionnaire about grade, friends, teacher, what they want to be when they grow up . . . Save for them when they graduate high school!
  • Special Breakfast.  Celebrate with a fanciful buffet spread- dine in or out.  Singing the school song is optional (grab the video!)
Do you have a tradition to add to my collection?  Please share!

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