Monday, September 28, 2015

Mindfulness Mondays: Positive Stress

First lesson in Fire 101/ September 2015

                                 "I'm stressed."
"That was stressful."
"You are stressing me out!"

Stress gets a bad rap- which is understandable because we usually only think about the "too much" of stress also known as distress.  This week I want to bring our attention to it's little sister, eustress

Eustress is positive stress, pressure we put on ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone.  When we set goals, learn new skills, or encourage ourselves to try something different we are using the motivational power of stress to go beyond what is familiar.  We are bringing about change.

This weekend I asked Sweetness for lessons in fire starting. Cooler weather is rumored to be coming to Oklahoma and there will be nights when Sal is out of town and I will want a cozy blaze in the Chimenea.  I put pressure on myself to be a learner, ask questions, make mistakes, and ultimately to do something new.  The side effect of positive stress is a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of pride. 
 Now that lights my fire!
I will create change for myself this week.

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