Monday, January 4, 2016

Mindfulness Mondays: Making Peace with Change

Portuguese Water Dog Puppies
"There is no beginning.    There is no end. There is  only change." ~ Robert Monroe

It is comforting to think of life as a continual process of change.  Resolutions do not have to have sharp edges of beginning (This year I will always ...) or ending (I pledge to never . . .) . We live through a series of letting go - Change always involves a form of grief.  Looking at change as a normal part of life is a peaceful and gentler way of grieving.

Last year we had to say goodbye to Suki. Her death was not the end of our relationship, it was a change. Our memories strengthen our connection to Suki and loving her has created a space for more love. This year we are preparing for a beginning- somewhere in this pile of puppies is a Marotta. *We know he will have his own spirit and his own tale (tail) to tell (wag). Soften the edges of change this week.

I can accept change with peacefulness.

*Naming and more photos will be forthcoming in February. 

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