Monday, March 14, 2011

Take a (spring) break and make memories

Staying home for Spring Break doesn’t have to be a bummer. The stories that children tell me about their mini vacation from school rarely have to do with where they’ve spent their time- it is all about how they’ve spent their time. Busy schedules, working parents, and homework make all ages hungry for a little down time.  With some planning and an eye for fun, you can create magic without Disney.
1.       Pajama Day.  Just like it sounds.  Stay in pajamas all day without having to be sick.
2.       Read—a –thon, Movie—a –thon, Videogame—a –thon.  Any repeatable fun activity.
3.       Day Trips. Pack a lunch and jump in the minivan and go.  To the park, zoo, museum, . . .
4.       Indoor Camp out.  Set up a tent in the living room, grill dinner and s’mores on the BBQ, and add friends and maybe some flash lights.
5.       Make something, bake something, and try something new.  The point is for everyone to be a beginner together.
Ordinary activities can be elevated to extraordinary when you add creativity to the extra time of Spring Break.   What about cleaning the house with loud music (oldies or musicals)?  How about homework in the backyard or in the park?  Taking the dog for a walk in a different neighborhood? 
So what if you have some ideas for fun quality time with your children and one or all of them misbehave?  Teach them a valuable lesson in forgiveness and mercy.  Being grounded for Spring Break is miserable for everyone.  Save the longer consequences for the rest of the semester!
When I asked my young adult daughters what they remember from previous spring breaks, they reminded me of our “tradition” of shopping for new flip flops. The idea of kicking off our boots with visions of bare feet in our future was a celebration.  Now that they are older I am thinking of throwing in a pedicure.
·         How will you make memories this Spring Break?
·         What are some highlights from past school vacations?


  1. So far we seem to be doing a very nice job of sleeping too late each morning. And it's hard for me to change out of my pjs, but that's true everyday, not just Spring Break! Thanks for you tips, Lisa. ♥

  2. Oooh...pajama day. Yes, please.