Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Next Door Frenemy

Do you have a frenemy story? 

A frenemy is a person who is sometimes your friend, sometimes your enemy.  It is a friend who is kind of moody and fickle.  "A fair weather friend" with an attitude.  My first frenemy was one year older than me.  I thought she was magical, amazing, and the smartest kid that I ever met.  I was only five at the time and I didn't realize that she wasn't actually any of those things, but that came later.  Most of the time Andrea was inviting me out to play, and coming up with great big messy ideas.  Some of the time, though, Andrea left our play date abruptly and made me clean up by myself.  Sometimes she even treated me like her "annoying baby brother" who was too little to understand anything.  This side of Andrea typically came out around other kids, which made it even more embarassing and confusing. 

Life is always teaching us, even though many of the lessons are painful.  This early relationship planted the seeds for my picture book "Emmy Lee is my Frenemy." In my manuscript the young girl has the benefit of an older sister to help navigate the roller coaster highs and lows of living next door to a "frenemy."  In real life I had to re-experience the lesson of frenemies many times over before I figured out how to manage high maintenance friendships. Okay, so I am still re-learning the lesson sometimes.

A true friend, Brandi Barnett (author of Glamour), encouraged me to submit my story to Meegenius for an online e-book competition.  Brandi and other key friend supporters-- the rest of my critique group (hooray for Inklings!)-- helped me with revision and get it ready for submission. 

Here's where you come in! Please consider clicking on this link:
If you like it-- then "like" it (meaning vote for it).  Part of the competition is looking at a potential author's marketing abilities-- so they have encouraged us to rally supporters.  While you are on the website check out the other authors, there are alot of hopefuls out there like me who want someone other than family to see their work! 

Next I would love for you to send me your "frenemy" story.  I am sure you have one.  I would like to hear yours now that you have read mine!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, friend! I love your book and know others will, too.

  2. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement about so many things-- including the whole contest thing in the first place, you are a great friend and cheerleade!