Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nifty 50 Adventures: Hit me with your best shot!

As part of my "half way to one hundred" celebration I have committed to try 12 new things this year.  My criteria is that the experience is in some way:
  1. Healthy 
  2. Educational 
  3. Relaxing or
  4. Invigorating 
  5. A personal first for me.

So I took Sweetness to the gun range for our Friday Date Night.  I have been a tad phobic (a new diagnostic category) about guns for a long time. During our courtship Sal had a gun and enjoyed going to a range to shoot "with the guys." I worried.   When we married I encouraged him to put the gun in the basement and lock up the ammunition far, far, away.  When we had children I insisted the gun take a long trip to someone else's basement.  But I was still afraid.  Funny thing about fear, it doesn't go away until you deal with it. 

So I faced my fear with Sweetness by my side. 

The very nice man at the welcome counter was hospitable. He asked "Eyes and Ears?" which meant protection for both.  I didn't feel quite as date night cute as I would like and the headphones tugged at my earrings, but, safety first. Sweetness was an excellent teacher.  He showed me how to carefully load, hold, and shoot the .22 pistol.  The experience reminded me of learning CPR.  In your head you know it is practice, but your body is full out emergency responding. Overall it was loud and stressful, with bright flashes--kind of like menopause.  I was a terrible shot, but enthusiastic and I DID IT!

This celebration taught me to mix it up in our date nights, to continue to stretch myself by trying new things, and that I can manage my anxiety around guns.  Do I want to own one? No. 

But -- if a "bad guy" breaks into my house and drops his .22 pistol.  I know I can pick it up with confidence, aim for his belt . . . and maybe wound him in the foot so I can call the police! 

There are bullet holes in this target!  Note the "spiffy" on my belt
What fear can you face this year?


  1. I'm going to feel a lot safer at the lake this year just knowing that in the event that bad guy shows up there, you'll be able to retrieve his gun and wound him.

    1. Ha! Perhaps if we tell him his modifier is dangling, he'll be driven to distraction and drop the weapon.

    2. Probably so, Brandi. If there's one thing bad guys hate, it's dangling modifiers!