Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuning into Real Life

"Screen Free Week- really? Do I have to do it?" My husband was worried after he read the last blog post.

I reassured him that participation was entirely voluntary. I giggled, feeling ready and eager to reduce the noise of cell phone texts, facebook rants, youtube animal jokes, yahoo news, googlesearches, and reality TV. 

Until . . .  a friendly facebook message reminded me about the Oklahoma Writers Conference on May 3 and 4th in Norman, Oklahoma.  Wait- What? But that's during Screen Free Week!

Then I got worried. What if I need to look something up? What if I am bored? What if . . . I miss lunch because I don't know where anyone is going? Take a deep breath.  This is going to be uncomfortable.

Reviewing the Screen Free Week Organizer's Kit gave me  a fresh perspective.  Eliminating screens for one week is more than just tuning out from technology-- it is about tuning in to real life! 

Kind of like working on losing weight is not all about giving up cake balls, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and cheese cake. Finding a healthy balance in our lives is about increasing our awareness so we can make smarter choices. Could SFW give us that awareness? Let's try it together!

My plan for SFW is simple: I will not use screens for entertainment.  My cell phone is for phone calls. My computer is for writing. My television will be off.  By tuning out I intend to: Have conversations, read, think, create, visit a museum, play games, organize, walk outside, cook, . .

Are you worried yet? How will you tune in to real life?

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  1. Totally stresses me out just thinking about it, which means I need to find a way to try it. Maybe it's not going to be full-blown screen-free time, but I'm going to cut down for sure.