Monday, November 18, 2013

Mindfulness Monday

Hang Zen Yoga at Lake Tenkiller

Mindfulness: Being mindful is the active practice of paying attention to the present moment.  It is a meditative approach to quiet the mind and still the body.  

Take a moment today to focus inward.  Notice your breathing.  Acknowledge your thoughts without judgement- let them pass through your mind.  Attend to the present moment only.  

  • Quiet the mind. 
  •  Still the body.  
  • Savor the moment.


  1. This picture made me laugh because I know what I was thinking in this position, and it had nothing to do with savoring the moment. Ha!

    1. Was it something like . . . "don't fall in, don't fall in, don't fall in, don't fall in." Because as soon as I did that guess what happened! (Splash) Applies to life!

  2. Replies
    1. Heather you are one zen yoga master, thanks for stopping bye my blog. Namaste!