Thursday, March 27, 2014

Discovery: The Results are In!

h/t Corcoran Gallery Washington, DC 2014
Research question: Will regularly planned artist dates spark my creativity?  Influence my mood? Increase my creative productivity?   

Hypothesis:  Julia Cameron has built a very successful platform working with all types of artists to nurture their creativity and remove blocks to their productivity. One of her basic tenants is regular artist dates where the hopeful creative plans activities to feed their artistic side. Based on this research I would expect to discover enhanced creative energy, improved mood, and increased productivity in creative pursuits.

Method:  Planned artist dates were conducted once a week, for four weeks in the month of March.  There were a total of five dates-- one date was virtual and combined with a real life date.  Four were within the Oklahoma City Metro area, and one was in Washington, D.C.

Measurement:  Subjective account of creative energy and mood.  Creative productivity measured by word count and tangible creative output.

Results: This was a fun experiment! My creative energy was enhanced by the artist dates, and so was my overall mood.  I put a lot of thought into each date and found myself anticipating the event throughout the week.  My creative productivity yielded mixed results:  My word count was down (2,003 in February and 1743 in March), but my photography was up- 30 pictures in February (all with phone camera) 102 pics in March (66 with digital camera/30 phone), plus revamping the bookshelf, and an acrylic canvas.
Sneaked Exhibition Photo - Artist Date Paparazzi 2014
Conclusion: The artist dates validated my creativity and increased my sense of well-being.  It is possible that the mostly visual dates motivated me to express my creativity visually therefore using my camera to capture the images.What are the results of your artist dates?  This research subject (me) will continue artist dates and plan to explore this topic further in May through experiential dates about the written word -- with the addition of “morning pages” another foundation of The Artist’s Way.

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  1. I agree making dates to focus on creativity is very beneficial. Sort of like putting on the calendar when you're going to exercise - sure one can do it without calendering it, but it feels more like an official commitment to have it scheduled in.