Friday, April 17, 2015

Feelings Friday: Autism All Star

h/t Foodarts "The Cattle Whisperer"
Temple Grandin is an extra-ordinary woman. She is a professor at Colorado State University, an inventor, author of several books, consultant to livestock companies for the humane treatment of cattle, activist, and was named among the "Top 100" most influential people by Times Magazine in 2010.

As a neuro-diverse person on the Autism Spectrum, Temple Grandin is also a powerful ASD advocate demonstrating the truism: The world needs all kinds of minds

Dr. Grandin does an outstanding job expressing how ASD symptoms influence her thinking and shape her life's work.  Please set aside time (twenty minutes) to listen to her Ted Talk from 2010 as part of your autism education in April. Consider sharing this post with anyone you think could benefit from Dr. Grandin's wise words.

To learn more about Temple Grandin follow this link.