Monday, April 27, 2015

Mindfulness Mondays: Compassionate Presence

Shining a Porch Light on Autism 2015
Thank you for visiting the blog this month.  I hope that April's focus on Autism Awareness has provided information and support to you and your family.  Continue to educate yourself and share links with others who could benefit.

For your intention this week, set aside your assumptions about people who are different or difficult.  Be a compassionate presence without judgement.

Additional Autism Links:
Piece walk 5K in Oklahoma May 2, 2015
Young Adult fiction with ASD main characters

Next month's theme will be Resilience. Posts will highlight key concepts in building emotional strength in times of stress and emphasize storm safety and resources for Oklahoma readers. Whether you are a curious googler, or a follower, all are welcome!  

This week I will be a compassionate presence to everyone I meet.