Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mindfulness Mondays: Creative Problem Solving

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Maybe this week will go smoothly for you. If so, have gratitude for a smooth week.

But in real life the chances are high that at least once a week you will have what Tim Gunn (of Project Runway fame) refers to as "make it work moments."

  • When you are missing the main ingredient for a recipe you already started.
  • When you spill coffee on your notes before a meeting.
  • When a traffic jam is ticking away your estimated time of arrival for an appointment.
Mindfulness in your "make it work" moments will bring a calm mind to find creative options when the unexpected happens. 
Thank you Alliance Rubber Company
for the "make it work" experience!
This weekend at the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference we were given an "unconventional challenge" of wrapping a housewarming gift showcasing Alliance rubber bands. Knowing that we were expected to be creative opened our awareness to looking at materials in a new way. There was excitement in the process of discovery and satisfaction in overcoming obstacles.  Can you approach every day life problems from this perspective?  

This week I will be mindful of moments that call for creativity in problem solving.

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