Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Prepare your day with "Good Belly"

Legend has it that a psychologist once traveled to India to seek counsel from the Dalai Lama. The psychologist stood in line for five hours in the heat to ask one question. When it was finally his turn he sat down across from the guru and asked “What is the secret to becoming a great healer?” After a quiet moment of reflection, the Dalai Lama opened his eyes and smiled. He looked directly at the psychologist and answered “You must have good belly.”

Good belly is the key to preparing for my day.  I love my work, and to do it well I must be physically, cognitively, and emotionally ready to listen.  Awareness, intuition, and active listening are core to the process of healing.  Over the past twenty years  I have developed a rhythm and ritual to prepare myself for healing work.

Awareness: I begin with coffee.  Seriously, it is impossible to be attuned to the emotional language of others when you are not alert.  My caffeine of choice is coffee.  I slowly wake up to coffee time spent with my husband.  No big decisions are made, no great “aha moments” about life—just quiet connection.

Intuition: The next step involves solitude.  I spend ten to twenty minutes meditating, reflecting, praying, and/or reading something inspirational. Calming myself in silence helps me to clear my mind and tune out distractions.  This step puts me in “respond” mode, rather than “react” mode. 
Active Listening: My schedule is the final preparation for my day.  Each appointment is an opportunity for that person to express their story, their unique journey toward healing.  I reflect on each client before I greet them in the waiting room- ready to be present and listen. 

Good belly is not only my preparation for clinical work.  I am genuinely grateful that the good belly skills of awareness, intuition, and active listening have prepared me to be a better wife, mother, friend, and family member.  Good belly brings healing to all relationships.

This post was written from an Oklahoma Women Blogger's prompt "prepare your day." Please show them some blogger love by visiting their site to see how other bloggers prepare for their day.

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