Monday, November 23, 2015

Mindfulness Mondays: Taste

Thankful for dessert at OKCMOA cafe 2015
Mindful eating involves many senses. On Saturday I had a delightful day at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art with my mom.As an added treat we ordered a dessert to share. It was sensational.

The carrot cake was first a "feast for the eyes." The melted caramel, nutty cake, and cream cheese icing, smelled-- AMAZING. Our mindfulness in staying on "our side"of the plate was a fun twist on the sense of touch. Then came the taste. Oh my goodness. One small bite at a time my mother and I toppled this tower of bakery deliciousness.

This Thursday will bring a bonanza of food to many of our tables.  Be present to the friends and family who gather together. Don't just eat- TASTE.

This Thanksgiving I will be mindful. I will taste, listen, love, and be present.

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