Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day Gratitude

There are two super sized flags (from SAMS) flying from the Marotta mailbox today. Sweetness called from his business trip to make sure I remembered. We should never forget.

Take time today to honor the military. Say thank you in your own way to the men, women, and families who have sacrificed for the greater good of our freedom.

My blog thank you starts with my Dad, Don Yager. He was proud of his service in the Air Force and forever friends with Paul Erickson, and Rod Davison (Thank you X 2). Thank you to Sal's Dad Ernie Marotta, and brother Michael. My long time friend Colonel Dave Slade, and his son Daniel (Gracias). My friends Mari and Tony Farthing, thank you for your dedicated service.

My gratitude to all veterans who are struggling with PTSD symptoms- your sacrifice continues.

Last year my friend Tony Farthing delivered a heartfelt tribute to his wife Mari at the Oklahoma City Listen to Your Mother Show. Mari spent four years in active duty, but her husband wanted to say a special thank you for her service on the home front. Click on the link to remember all families who serve from home. Thank you Suzy Slade- you are "stronger than you know."

Reach out to the military in your life: Write a letter. Make a call to connect. Smile. Spend some time listening. Shout out on Facebook. Wave your flags.

Be Intentional. We should never forget to be grateful.

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