Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mindfulness Moments: All beginnings have a rich history

In nature winter is the season of change below the surface. The blog and I have been in deep hibernation and are ready to celebrate new growth.

Today it is with great joy that I present to you a harbinger of Spring- The Marotta puppy!

Introducing Sirius "Dude" Marotta

Sirius (AKA The Dog Star) is  a constellation of stars representing Orion's loyal dog companion.  You can find Sirius at night by tracing the line of Orion's Belt and it will lead you to the brightest star.  We call him Dude, because he is from Denver and he likes smooth jazz and just because . . .

A wonderful dog trainer/ blogger once described a new dog as a portal for the spirits of your previous pets to sit with you again. An interesting perspective about how change always includes a layering of experience for each of us. We miss and yet connect with Suki as we cuddle with little Dude.

Drawing from 5 years of blogging, workshops, and blog networking I have developed a clarity of vision for the blog. A relaunch is in the planning stages and I promise to  keep you "posted."           
All beginnings have a rich history 

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