Monday, January 25, 2016

Mindfulness Mondays: Clear the Clutter

My home quickly accumulates paper, books, photos, and unfinished projects. On any given day my brain swirls with to do lists, frustrations, happy thoughts, and random ideas.

Somewhere in all of the STUFF (mind and closets) there are sparks of joy. Would you like to join me in cleaning the clutter?

I am honored to be the keynote for this year's Sisters In Spirit conference: A Year of Peaceful Intentions on Saturday, February 6. We will start with mindfulness in the morning and take a mid-day break with the magic of tidying up. In between there will be great sisterhood with women of all ages and break out sessions to help you grow and learn.Call (405) 366-7616 for more information.

I can calm my mind, clean my space, and find joy this week.

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