Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hiking the blogosphere

St. Mary's Glacier, Colorado 2013
According to Wikipedia, a cairn is a man-made stack of stones.  It is often used by hikers to mark the trail as a landmark to guide the journey.  This month I am honored to be the "blogger of the month" for Oklahoma Women Bloggers.

This opportunity will require more blog posts than I am accustomed.  It is a new trail for me.  As the featured blogger I will have four posts for the month and in between will be posts from other Oklahoma Women Bloggers on the topic of travel and adventure.

This cairn is to help direct the way back, I promise to return to this site with a new post next week.  Please follow my journey by connecting with OWB.  While you are visiting, take a moment to explore.  There are some amazing voices coming from Oklahoma, listen to their stories. 

Happy Trails!