Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Family Traditions

When Sweetness and I married we realized that our outlook on traditions was very different.  I wanted MORE, MORE, MORE and he wanted, well . . .  less.  In the beginning this difference caused a lot of stress, like the year we had four Thanksgiving dinners, or the time we had a  blow out over whether a Christmas wreath on the front door was a "need" or a "want." Gratefully, over the course of  our 27 plus marriage we have learned how to meet in the middle when developing traditions for our family.  

We have always agreed on the tradition of one family trip a year. A compromised tradition of the family trip includes the cashing in of the coins. I should mention that one of us is a saver and one of us is me.   We keep a huge carboy in the master bedroom that everyone feeds with loose change throughout the year.  This "savings account" is hauled out to a local coin exchange.  It is pretty exciting to watch the money add up. It was kind of stressful, however. the year we tried to make it the ONLY spending money we would have for our trip. Regardless of the evolution of our traditions, memories are being made!

Check out Oklahoma Women Bloggers for the full post.

P.S. We will be cashing in this week- any guesses about the grand total?

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  1. I got guesses on facebook but not on the blog- the question: How much vacation money did we bring from the coin jar? Answer: $536! We are fairly certain that we forgot to do the coin cash in last year :)