Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lifestyle Balance: A Few of my Favorite Things

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This is not the Sound of Music, and I am certainly not Oprah, although I am a fan of both.  Sometime in December I typically reflect on what is working and what is not working in my attempt to lead a balanced life.

After some soul searching and several cups of coffee this list represents what  IS working in my resilience planning during times of stress.

1. Social Support: Between my family, professional relationships, writing group, prayer partner (who is also named Lisa), and weight watchers community, there is always a safe place for me to ask for help when I need it. Cultivating healthy relationships is a key part of my stress bounce back tool box.

2. Physical:
The stress and recovery cycle of a challenging work-out helps our bodies and brains rehearse for the everyday stress that we manage at home or at work. I consider myself fortunate that I have found  fitness programs that I LOVE:  

Jazzercise has captivated my attention and helped me express my love of music and dance for over 20 years. The studio is a welcoming place to all ages and fitness levels.

YOU POWER YOGA is a new and much needed addition to my fitness options.  The studio is heated to a cozy (for me) 85 degrees and although the poses can be very physically daunting to my body and my brain I always leave feeling relaxed and peaceful.  An added bonus is that no matter how expert you become with Yoga it is always called "practice." Love that.

If I do not manage my time well I am banished to the treadmill in the closet but this is NOT one of my favorite things.

3. Intellectual/Creative:  Now that the girls are mostly launched, I am finding time to manage my own opportunities for learning.  Education is a powerful tool in my universe and I am excited to continue to explore options in this area. My writerly side gets great encouragement from Oklahoma Writer's Federation Inc. , and Oklahoma Women Bloggers.  The private practice psychologist self is finding a renewed involvement in the Oklahoma Psychological Association.

I am hoping this post will encourage you to pour yourself a grande latte and reflect on what is helping you balance and bounce back from stress as of December 2013.  Please visit the links to find out more about the various places that bring me great joy and abundant support, maybe they have something to offer you too!


  1. Thank you for reminding me to reflect on what is and isn't working in my life. One thing's for sure, our friendship makes me a MUCH happier person!

  2. I'm hoping to explore palates after the knee heals - have a 3-year-old unopened DVD!

  3. So honored to be included among your "favorite things"!

  4. Thank you for the inspiration. The other day I met a cute old lady at the gym who was in aerobics class with her medical cane, from for those who want to share with your loved ones. I was so touched that at her age she would still stay active and have fun. We all need to reflect and be grateful for what we have.

  5. Thank you Sonia, Shel, Dee Dee, and Olivia for commenting on my favorite things. I hope you are spending some holiday time reviewing your "working/not working" lists!