Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mindfulness Monday: Honoring your child's spirit

Cousins.  Most of them share  DNA (nature).  Some of them are siblings and have a similiar upbringing (nurture).

Each of them has a unique spirit. 

In The Conscious Parent (2010) Dr. Shefali Tsabary encourages parents to address these issues:

How can I parent my children with an awareness of what they truly need from me, and become the parent they deserve to have?

How can I rise above my own fear of change and transform myself to meet the requirements of my child's spirit?

Am  I able to perceive my relationship with my children as a sacred relationship?

I am posting this as I travel to visit family and recharge on vacation.  Dr. Tsabary's book is a welcome companion as I continue  launching my young adult children into the next chapter of their life story.  The Conscious Parent reminds me that good parenting is a metamorphasis, we are changed by the children we are blessed to raise.  It is an exciting and challenging journey.
                                              I will honor my child's unique spirit.