Friday, January 30, 2015

Big Rock Resolutions

Premiere Jewelry Party
Benefiting Suited for Success OKC
At the beginning of the month I shared with you my big goals for 2015.  In the interest of accountability--and the hope that my changes might in some way encourage change for you-- here is my update on "putting first things first" with my resolutions:

1.  Establish a Writing Routine. According to my calendar (where I entered my start/stop times) I have logged 38 hours of writing time this month. Without question, this is an increase!  Directing my attention and intention towards this goal is making an impact.  
 2.  Renew Relationships.  This is a more subjective report. My time with family and friends is always worthwhile.  I have traveled, coffeed, lunched, stayed up late, and hosted a jewelry party all in the name of renewing relationships.  I plan to continue to deepen these connections through real "face time" on an ongoing basis.
3.  Focus on Health. Oh dear, what was I thinking? My health journey has taken me through blood work, the yearly mammogram, new fitness classes, and is leading me to a nutritionist in February.  Some of the changes in this category are going to hurt--but I am told it "is a good hurt." A definite adventure for 2015.

I found a video of Stephen Covey's wisdom on "The Big Rocks"-- a demonstration of the habit of putting first things first.  Hope you like it!
Wishing you much success in YOUR big rock resolutions!