Friday, June 5, 2015

Feelings Friday: My Thank You Note to the Universe

Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Rest
The Narrows, Zion National Park
h/t Lindsay Marotta 2015 

Dear Universe, 

Thanks for . . .
  • My parents- and their warm welcome at every stage of life (even the angsty ones).
  • A special needs brother- who stretches, stresses, and continues to teach me.
  • Coffee (And 1% milk with a dash of cinnamon)
  • Grammie- a “grand mentor” and spirit guide.
  • Outstanding achievements and horrifying failures.
  • The lousy boyfriends I dated before "the one."
  • Chocolate.
  • The responsibility of raising two wonderful people (stretch marks are fading).
  • Losses that taught me to appreciate life.
  • Nature. Including needy squirrels, and pesky mosquitoes.
  • Remarkable friends- some lifelong, others time limited.
  • Red wine (shared with above mentioned friends).
  • Well-deserved laugh lines.
  • The world wide web AND screen free zones.
  • Talents that shape me.
  • Weaknesses that humble me.
  • Today.
Thank you Universe for fifty (plus) years of love, loss, joy, and sorrows.



P.S. If it isn’t too much to ask- I’d like fifty more tomorrows.