Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thank You Readers!

Dear Readers,

     Thank you for being a BIG part of my blog.

     When I started blogging in 2011 there were just four of you, and my posts were as random and disorganized as the bottom of my purse.  My strategy then was to write when I had free time on any topic that was top of mind.  It is apparent looking back that I had very little free time and my mind was all over the map! Since the four of you must be family and dear friends you accepted me and my blog unconditionally. Somewhere along the way the blog gathered some serious momentum and ten more readers over the next year. You were all so patient. Thank you for encouraging me.

     In 2013 I shifted my blogging perspective. I organized my ideas into months, and allotted specific writing and posting days.  You faithful fourteen readers noticed and started sharing my posts with your friends, family, and schools.  I know this because my page views skyrocketed above fourteen (!) and people would tell me that they read it. Thank you for sharing.

   In the last two months my readership has grown to thirty-one.  I credit My Blogging Bootcamp teacher Jennifer James McCollum and my classmates for helping me clarify my blogging voice and "find my tribe." Thank you for teaching me.

   My holiday wish is that you seek mindfulness and creativity this season. May you find balance,good health, well-being, and the support of family and friends.  I hope this blog continues to be a resource to you in your life journey. 

                          With Gratitude, 

*If you are a loyal reader but have not submitted your email to become a follower, please consider it. The process is a win-win, I will celebrate my additional readership and you will not have to search me out on the World Wide Web :) 


  1. I've so enjoyed this journey with you, Lisa! Looking forward to more . . .

    1. I look forward to more of your blog journey and of course your magnificent (scary) books!

  2. What a wonderful journey and resource your blog has been!