Friday, June 12, 2015

Feelings Friday: Goodbyes are always hard

Suki (Lynn) Marotta
2004 - 2015
Suki Marotta passed away quietly of natural causes early Sunday morning.

She was a beloved family member, pet, friend, therapy dog, and "mindfulness muse."

Suki wagged her tail into our life in 2006 as a rescue dog. She completed her Therapy Dog International training in 2008.  Suki worked Wednesdays in my office soothing sadness and calming the nerves of clients and staff alike. Her TDI outreach included comforting grieving children at Trinity School, and easing the stress of midterms and finals with the Alpha Chi girls at the University of Oklahoma.  Suki was a frequent guest on this blog as a reminder to "live moment to moment" in mindfulness.

Suki  loved belly rubs, nature walks, raw carrots,  and attention.  She was vocal in her dislike of owls, power tools, and vacuums.

She was energetic and playful throughout her life. Suki was always happy to see you.

She spent a wonderful last day on earth walking, playing, and being loved on by family and friends at the lake. Suki will be remembered for her compassion, loving companionship, and joyful spirit.

Therapy Dog International says "A dog will love you forever." We will love Suki forever.

I have enabled comments for this post if you wish to share a memory about Suki or a thought about grieving a pet.  Many thanks always for reading and following.


  1. I will miss sweet Suki sue. She was a very loving gentle spirit. Always, Always happy to see you! RIP sweet girl!

  2. So many of you have responded with kind condolences on Facebook. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.